Maura Hanrahan

Dr. Maura Hanrahan does interdisciplinary work in food security, water security, and Indigenous health, using methods rooted in anthropology, ethnohistory, the humanities, and Indigenous learning.  Maura is currently working with the Southern Inuit community of Black Tickle, Labrador on water insecurity; using a materialist approach, she is working with epidemiologists and engineers towards solutions to long-term water access problems.  Maura’s work has been published in Food, Culture and Society, Native Studies Review, the Canadian Journal of Public Health, and elsewhere.  With Marg Ewtushik, Maura co-edited A Veritable Scoff: Sources on Foodways and Nutrition in Newfoundland and Labrador, the first annotated bibliography on foodways in Canada.  Maura holds degrees from Memorial University, Carleton University and the London School of Economics, where she was a Rothermere Fellow.  Maura was Memorial’s first Special Advisor to the President for Aboriginal Affairs.